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Living in SH

Friday, August 10, 2007

Just move into my new rented apartment place, luckily I didn't rent a bigger space. It be so weird to live alone with so big a space, probably i am not too used to it. The week before was hunting around for apartment, 1st one saw was very basic but was in my preferred area. I think I still like that area - Zhongshan though, but given that up when I thought find a place nearer to office, don't need to squeeze in the train and bus.

2nd place that the agent found was on the 6th storey! Place was big, with like resonance European furniture. Place was near to office, and train station, but the thought of 6th storey I decided against it. BTW, not in Zhongshan.

3rd place I saw was a bit far off from the Zhongshan central, but all the furniture was new and was the only one the bedroom has TV and some more flat screen TV! But too bad I don't like the location. I tried calling the agent back after viewing this one on the 2nd choice but snap up within 3 days of difference/waiting... Yeah I was told the better house rental get snap up immediately.

Lastly was this current one, sleeker, place 15mins walk to office, prob. 20 mins walk to the nearest train station. And I am so tired of looking around so I settled down for this one.

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  1. Blogger purrfectz | September 01, 2007 1:50 PM |  

    Nice place!
    Can we organise a visit there and crash at your plc???

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