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Rush City

Monday, June 04, 2007

Back to Shanghai this busy city of China. People are always seems to be rushy for something or otherwise the street cars and motorbike won't be stopping to let the pedestrian cross the road. Reading the news we have these following happening in China:-
- Contaminated water (from Shanghai Daily)
- Poison Toothpaste (from CNN article)
- Expensive Pork (from Reuter article)

Of the 3, the last one was due to inflation. The feed for the pigs is costing more for the farmer to maintain. His sale price for the pork hasn't increase with the inflation but the increase in price in the pig's feed has cause the farmer to re-think rearing pigs. When that happen the supply for pork on the market decrease and that will lead to pork price increase and then market will be shortage of pork, restaurant increase price bla bla... What a chain reaction. Kinda of remind me the time when Malaysia got hit by bird flu and our supply of eggs get cut and price rise for it.

Then the first two which I am wondering more of is - is it human cause for the cases? With the hunger to be fed with wealth, some unscrupulous merchants do not seems to care for the nature. They polluted and caused the mass civilian to suffer for their actions.

Every time I come back to Shanghai, there this smell that I can sniff thru my nose. Something that seems to be chemical I guess, which construction site have this smell, however, in established building, poster, cabs, etc, they also have it. I wonder if this is toxic, what is this smell from.

Water from the tap when rinsing, my tongue can taste the extra water cleansing material in it. Somehow feels close to kerosene oil smell, as for why I think it's because it's retreated water. Tap in Singapore doesn't have this funny smell. Notice the bath water in Santa Monica, LA is more of chlorine closed to the swimming pool standard though.

At the moment, luckily my senses are still functioning to know the difference ... but how long more can I last.

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  1. Blogger JY | June 05, 2007 12:52 AM |  

    sometimes i wonder...does water exists in hell? :D

  2. Blogger L. | June 09, 2007 9:47 PM |  

    "Somehow feels close to kerosene oil smell"

    "more of chlorine closed to the swimming pool standard"


    It is a scary world out there...

    JY: btw. I dun think there are water in hell... it is suppose to be a place of eternal flame :P

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