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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I am thinking of something to write but yet nothing really caught the attention of my mind of what to write...A few things though I find it interesting to write about yet I am just not in the mood to write...Saturday night on TV this this show called a dialog with the PM, which I feel very informational. As much as he tries to understand the kinda of citizen that he governs under, commoners like us also might want to have a peek at how his view is like. Is he well-informed, aware of the situation that most local people experiencing?

The invited guests to ask the PM ranges from different classes of work, taxi driver, stall owner to business owner, lawyer etc. A few of the more common problems were discussed, and most of the time the session was kept at a constructive manner. I am impressed by the PM ability to speak full proper impromptu Chinese throughout the session.

In this mixed culture, our languages have also got mixed up. Our main languages have been blended, and a uniquely language called Singlish is formed. And if you tried using this oversea to speak to the client in US, or China, they will not understand our singlish English or Chinese... As much as possible that the country is promoting this mixture of culture, yet our language mixing is not recognised and we are encouraged to speak proper language, an irony?

This reminded me of a blog refered by 28degree that one of his friend is complaining loudly at her blog for the UN decision to use Simplified Chinese as the unifed Chinese language. Reading her blog, I can tell that she is young and naive, still have yet to understand how the world revolves. Her passion for Tradditional Chinese was there, but the complicated thing to write the character really slows down learning. But as for my view, it's not my decision to say it's good or bad for history being the time keeper will tell.

Two thousands years back when Emperor Qin burnt away a lot of books and unified Chinese, the people of the time finds it a pity and branded him as cruel. Yet however two thousands now, there are historian who compliment such an action help unified China, and prevented more languages barrier. History being history, for me I like the nice characters and symobolism of the Tradditional Chinese character. However to write it I still prefer Simplified Chinese as the strokes are a killer. Either or, I'm proficient with reading both of them!

Seems that as I started to write, the mood starts to get in and flow...

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | April 14, 2006 2:44 AM |  

    Languages extinct when the last person who can speaks it dies. Too many examples in history when written languages was lost due to political oppression. The Inca, The Maya, and others. From esthetic point of view, TC is the essence of Chinese culture. if we do not preserve it if we do not use it it will be lost as a result of another political decision. I'm proficient in both, and i do not find having many stroke makes it difficult to learn. Our world is inundated with fast food, simplified this and that...our ability to appreciate real beauty is regressing. Where does true beauty lies? fast food, simplified whatever? it's in details, the intricate details matter.

  2. Blogger L. | April 23, 2006 2:31 PM |  

    MMm.. if TC is going to be going the way of the do-do.
    It's really a petty.

    I have always like to structure of the characters in TC... They look so much more majestic and filled with Chinese Culture as ompared to SC.

    But, having said that, please do not as me to write anything in TC, either then my name. Its way too complex.

    Read okie.
    Write no no no .... :P

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