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Cause and Effects again

Monday, April 17, 2006

Never did I expect to see this or write this, however, this morning when I wake up and turned on my email, got this email alert from friendster that says one of your friend's blog is updated. Although I rarely go visit his blog, but this morning I just click on it to see. To my surprise the updated latest topic was cause and effect and the whole paragraphs goes like this...

"One reaps what one sows. It is very simple, and is agreed upon and accepted by most people. Every effect has its cause. However, if we talk about cause and effect without considering the condition, we are a fatalist. Buddhism rejects it. An effect can only arise depending on condition(s). Cause is primary while condition is secondary. In other words, a wholesome deed at present can be a cause of a good retribution/effect in future. However, a wholesome deed at present can also be a condition for preventing the bad retribution (evil effect due to the evil cause in the past), as a bad retribution usually comes in effect under adverse/unwholesome conditions. Even if it really comes, the effect is generally less severe, particularly if we sincerely repent of our evil deed in the past. Moreover, since cause cannot come in effect without condition(s), it is important to note that although one cannot change the cause and effect, one can change the conditions. This is why Buddhism emphasizes to change our fate by changing the condition.

If we cultivate the wholesome causes, we have good retribution. Thus, we should have a strong belief and deep understanding of the law and act in accordance with it, in order to have a better living with happiness and blessings. "

Reading this I feel like it's an extracts from somewhere, and so I went in search to pursue the truth. I thought there should be more than just this and I found the related study and it originates from the Law of Dependent Origination. When I have more spare time I would want to explore/study this law.

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