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Cause & action karmic

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sleepless night, I do not know why...It shouldn't be the way as it's the second time in the week. Perphaps I have zealous of energy to burn now?

Today interesting was discussing about reglion on MSN with two friends. One of the question was raised was do I believed in karma? Well yes I do for I believed in the action and cause, and that you sow the seeds of what you reap. Then I would know that the next question he would ask is that why some people did a lot of mean things and still enjoy the goods?

Taking the example of incarnation or previous life doesn't seems to be proving a science thing to him. Neither do i know how to answer this, but I found this answer later in the night. The stand that I have is using time as a measurement. In a human, we are jealous of the obvious, why are some people enjoying the riches and fortune while some people suffer? Considering a human lifespan is short, would they be able to see what history or time passed judgement much latter down the road?

Time is infinity for all that we know. It will continue travel in the forward direction, and will never stop even if it's end of world, it transit to the next level I would say. Since time is never-ending, it will create history and history passes judgement. That is where the judgement came in. Some judgement are immediate that is people are punished for their evil deeds. But some who's acts are not discovered in their life time, are now punished or branded with a bad reputation. They maybe despised by the people of their current generation of time.

Now another thought came to me was that since this is about planting seeds hehe, it's science to say that different seeds produce different results. And we all know that some plants their fruit bloom and ripe faster while some you take a life time to nuture it to bloom (Did you know that a palm tree they blosom once and after which they dies off.). So if you compare this with the earlier question, it's metaphor to say that the seed of action is like planting. Some got their good or ill-effect as their plant grow and blossom earlier due to the environment factor or the effect they take into watering, fertilizing. And they are those who's fruit may never blossom in their life or at a very long stage. Thus this cause and effect karmic rule that i believes in will stand it's ground.

Since this is a open society to choose your belief in, you decide for yourself if it withholds. For me I presented my stand, and when my time comes as what i told him, I will go into my belief practise.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | April 14, 2006 2:27 AM |  

    The word karma is a loaded word. What immediately came to my mind is karma as in karma Sutra?? Karma can be found in Hinduism, buddhism...

  2. Blogger L. | April 23, 2006 2:37 PM |  

    Karma? It's too big a word for me.
    I tries to be true to myself and do what I thought is right :)

    After all if there is really such
    thing as the RIGHT thing, isn't it just a common agreement/acceptence by the general society?

    So why try so hard to folow that just ask yourself if you think is right. I do believe in the spirit of forward giving ^^

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