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Friday, March 24, 2006

《曹操》 林俊杰
用阴谋 阳谋 明说 暗夺,淡薄
用阴谋 阳谋 明说 暗夺,淡薄

The latest song from JJ Lin Jun Jie. Personally I find a lot of books are quite bias towards Cao Cao, protraiting him as a more bad guy. Initially my first impression of him was that he was more of a dominating guy who wants to rule over China.

But as time pass, and story re-read or re-watch, my concept of his image changes time. I am beginning to admire his personality and I think this song lyric sums it up all well. For Cao Cao, is one man who is daring, and have his own mind and thinkings to do thing. He was one of the bold man who dares to assasinate Dong Zhuo.

Although the incident with murdering his uncle was unfortunate, but that i guess human can't be perfect and do err. During his battle against Yuan Shao, he was fortunate to have top notch advisors and generals who fought the battles with him. His extremes during the tough time probably would have be judged as cruel and murder, but in time of war, that small action taken to sacrafice the ration officer to boast the morale of the army works well later to win the war. Thus turning his table around to a winning battle.

I often wondered, if he still has his favourite advisor Guo Jia around, would he have rule over China. Unfortunately heaven depised talent man like Guo Jia as he dies of young age. Many of the battles were won with this advisor's strategem. And at old age, he commented that if Guo Jia was around, things wouldn't be that bad after he lost at the battle of Chi Bi, one of the turning event to kick off the separation of China into three kingdoms.

Many books takes side with Liu Bei, for his line of ancestorship goes well in his reason to protect his Han dynasty. Thus many accuse Cao Cao of usurping the throne, being unfaithful. However to me I think that during the warring times, there won't be any action of right or wrong, the winner be the one who lives down in history as ruler. Many commoner would have wish that they have peaceful lives and the war end early

Fortunately now there are a bunch of readers who starts to think and reason with Cao Cao, which I'm taking side with as well.

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  1. Blogger JY | March 26, 2006 10:07 PM |  

    you read abt the report that says abt guan yu and zhang fei?

    they saying both their characters might be the wrong one....as in mixed up between the 2 of them...hmmmm

  2. Blogger sins | March 26, 2006 10:26 PM |  

    nope i din read about that, but got one report that says zhang fei was rather educated than his boarish character in the novel...

    where to find that article?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | March 27, 2006 12:43 AM |  

    Our impression of these historic character might have been corrupted by the dramatisation of the TV series or other popular artforms. If i'm not wrong, the 3 Kingdoms, has very fair description and comments on their achievements and mistake they made.

  4. Blogger L. | April 23, 2006 2:20 PM |  

    I thought that almost every lead in the 3 Kingdoms are all wonderful heros... Be it Liu Bei, Cao Cao or Sun Quan...

    In times like those, I dun think there is right or wrong.
    Everyone is fighting for their own dreams.

    All of them met together to weave the great history of the 3 kingdoms.

    Till this day, I still wonder how much of the stuff I read or saw are the actual event of that era.

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