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The Year 2006 first trip

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stepping into the fifth day of year 2006, am I a bit late to blog away the first blog for the year? Neh, it wasn't. For the year 2006, it shall be remembered whereby I spent the first day of the year travelling to an oversea place. Heehee, yup was at Bangkok for 3 nites and really enjoyed the trip with the Law.

Thailand was a nice place for tourist visit, personally I enjoyed Thai food. Nice, yummy sweet and sour, hot and spicy you get it all in the varieties of thai food. I am satisfied with the foods tried over there. I used to dislike Tom Yam soup, I remember the first time trying the horrible sour and spicy soup base of a instant noodle and i got disguised over it. What make me turn 180 degree to like it ... -> credits goes to my NS. Remembered my training in NS used to go over to Thailand and stop by there for lunch. The gang of good mixed who like Thai food and frequent visitor would order tasty dishes of Thai cuisine. And that is where it changed my taste bud, the authentic flavour of Thai cuisine yum yum.

For the 4 days 3 nite we make our treks exploring around Bangkok with the simple itinerary as below.

Day 1: Reach BKK by noon, left bags at hotel and proceed to Chantuchek weekend market. This horribly huge pasar malam style of the bugis market, you couldn't image how huge it was. Went back hotel in the evening with a handful of small shopping bags.

Dinner was at this nice cozy restaurant called Cabbages and Condom. What a weird name combination but it's a good place to dine and food wasn't that expensive. Got this off a recommendation from the web...
Day 2: This is a walking day, walk from the Chinatown all the way to the tourist area of Wat Po, Grand Palace, sigh-seeing the Reclining Buddha and stopping along the way to visit temple. Didn't visit the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha as was rather lately.

And further walk up to Khao San Road a road of backpackers gathering and stuffs. Dinner was at Lao Li hehe, and to reply Saffyz answer's we only ate one shark fins. Not that much that you might imagine hehe.
Day 3: Shopping again...but lunch was at a nice restaurant brought by Law's friend. If not for her we wouldn't know this Anne's cafe as it was tuck away in some street. Visited their biggest shopping mall and Siam center following that...but nothing much to be bought hehe
Day 4: Prepare to go Home Sweet Home and meet reality...

At the airport meet interesting local Singaporean who's the other half spouse was a Thai and talking about the reality of the Thai world. Hear their pours of stories about the one way money lending with no return to relatives friends and borrowing scenario. I guess it's similar throughout the rest of the world, there'll be people begging for money lending and at the point of requesting the loan to be return all kind of stuck up excuses will come up. Reality of the world this is...

Now I am also having to get back to my reality...work work, and with the year 2006 I don't know what to really expect out, perphaps no expectation is the best consolation?

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