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Saturday, January 07, 2006

7 Jan 2006 and I attended the first wedding for the year 2006 with 3-4 more expecting to come lining up for the year not to include those unknowns. This year seems like a hot favourite year for friends, ex-colleauges and relatives to held wedding.

The wedding session that I attend today is different from the norm that most Singaporean Chinese held. Tucked in the remote part of Singapore (Raffles Marina Country Club at Tuas West Drive to be exact, with a few km you reach the Tuas crossway), I attend the wedding soleminzation of my ex-colleague followed by a high tea buffet.

I find the norm wedding dinners that most sg chinese held are quite meaningless. It's more of a show to inform your circle of friends and relatives that you are wedded. The other most likely reason would be a meant to get relative all together to eat and such, but this significance seems to be fading that it doesnt' hold.

Attended two wedding soleminization in my life so far and find it to be more meaningful. To hear the pasteur speech, although I'm not Christian, but I'm open to hear meaningful lessons. But this time round I couldn't hear what the pasteur is preaching as he have a huge korean accent. The wife to be of my colleage is Korean that has been residing in Singapore for a long while.

This colleague had held a simple yet grand solemnization with a high tea buffet following that. And the nice part of it is that his wedding dinner is only categoring to close relatives only. I like his style, no need for grand posh dinner and for girls they will still have their favourite to be in wedding gown and ring exchange. Chances are if I have my way on this I would also held it in the simliar way.

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  1. Blogger JY | January 08, 2006 12:59 AM |  

    you will get your chance lah....since you the sky and you have a fish also hehehee

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