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Slow to learn...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sometimes I would wonder to myself when I receives those problems reported by users. (Actually these problems shouldn't get to my inbox, but dunno why some arrow stills point the way to me sigh...) That when I'm and old, maybe like add 10 or 15 years to my current age, would I be a bit slow to process my thoughts or slow to learn. (Am trying to avoid the word retarded as it seems demoralizing...). It doesn't not seems anything wrong with slow or unable to learn, but the experience I feel it's demoralizing....esp when sad because of age catching up. Not that I am worried, but sometimes, it's interesting to take a step back and think a bit. Hopefully maybe it spur some action that can be done to correct the problem at younger age?

Category: Life

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  1. Blogger L. | February 16, 2006 10:54 PM |  

    Cheer to.... always look on the bright side of life.. :)

    We are not that old yet :D

    Come and join me for my boardgaming sessions

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