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End of 2005 summary

Saturday, December 31, 2005

This day marks the end of 2005...wonder when that time man invented calendar did his thought account into the meaning of the first day and the last day of the year. Or is it thru the occuring cycle that pathetic man feel that they wasted a year of their life and then begin to mark the first day to set goals and objectives and the last day to see if they fulfilled what they set.

The year 2005 seems like an eventful year for me. I glad to say I have completed my degree, now awaiting for a module grade to be published in feb next year. Been a ride in my job, my ex-company go busted and got merged into another company but I didn't really like the environment there and switch to my current company. My current company was nice, the people were great, if only the bosses are a bit more appreciative.... Past few months had been blogged down by many jobs and projects that I can't breath by my nose...

Lately in the latter part of the year got a few freelance projects which also attribute to lesser postings on my blog...Last but not least just last month, my sister give birth to a baby boy earlier than expected, making me have a nephew.

Looking back there's really a lot of ups and downs, good times, bad times but never the less we all will have to ride through time. Wishing all a happy new year for the coming year 2006.

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