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Part ONE: NS memories - The GOOD

Saturday, March 12, 2005

The one day in camp has reminded me of how I endured my ways through my 2.5 years of NS. Being in the air force, I always hate it when mindless people pass remarks that "oh you in air force, life is relaxing hor". Yah, you think army is tough, actually it's more of the tough physical training that you have there.

Going back through my memory lane, some bits and piece of mixed expressions of good and frustrated moments came passing by my mind.

During my training phase, it's like a time of stress and pressure, especially having to work with certain people...and there was few incidents that I was deeply demoralized. Once, this ST technician saw what the down side of me and gave some encouraging words to chat with. Those words although common, but it's like thrust of encouragement that puts you back on to the fighting ground. I certainly remembered this friendly technician and sometimes when I'm back in camp and when we saw each other we would certainly say hi's or have a little chat.

Another person which also earned my respect is my leader during my NS time. At the age of 50 over, this encik is definitely enuthastic on his work and always do his duty with deem worth of work. While other feels that it does not requires to give attention or review the work, he would do so to correct shortcomings or improve the work to make life easier. Further to this is his spirit in learning, he continues to tackle the computer and uses Office tools to do report. Of course when encountered with problems he would ask us for help but he will tries to remember and learn the stuffs. Last but not least is probably his fatherly nature that all of us give him his due respect and becoz of him, my batch glitched away the high possibly of being posted out of this unit!

And there were those appreciations of help from the other officers, where you would not feel them to be your superiors. Give them the respect in due in the job, while outside work hours you could mix around with them.

Least not forgetting my course mates, for the times that we enjoyed the company of each other, a rare combination mix of the good, the beng and the slacker haha. Or I should also say thanks to this combination, sometimes it balanced out quite well in certain area, at least we are not one to be easily trumpled down.

For one, I believed that NS for guys is a robbery of time, imagine you are about 2 years behind your female counterparts in the society rat race. 2 years behind offset back you in study, or career. And time is something that is once gone, will nvr be replaced. But for the guys out there in NSF, most importantly is how fruitful have you spent your 2 years in your unit.

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  1. Blogger bitchrepublic | March 13, 2005 11:22 AM |  

    does it make us girls a lesser of a person without n.s? sometimes, n.s makes or breaks a person (in this case, a boy/man), sometimes it doesn't - as goes to show, the mind of a person depends on the upbringing, culture and personality.

    if girls were to do N.S, would life in general be different?

  2. Blogger sins | March 13, 2005 9:17 PM |  

    Well, in life everyone sure has his/her fair share of obstacle challenge that can either makes or breaks a person, not to say NS is one.

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