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Lazy Sunday

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Nothing beats a lazy sunday hehe...

The usual timing that I always wake up close to 9am (was rather late compared to my early 8am :O). Would always read the ZaoBao newspaper especially the weekends section. The readings would normally takes away my half an hour to an hour time. Oh yeah and also I have a new subscription to add on reading - Time Asia magazine! If time permits, I would always read bits and pieces here and there, find it somewhat informative especially about the happening around the world that I am blind to...

Today I attain another record of mine! Can't believe that I could swim 20 laps at the pool today, of course with interval rest in between. But still I find it a small achievement! I could remember that I don't like to swim especially feeling helpless in the water. But fate deem that I have to pass a swimming test to be able to continue on my a bit more comfortable NS life. During the learning time, I have a good fren whereby we tried learn ing swimming by ourself. From the small step to swimming by the side, we continue on to take on the middle of the pool and be confident to swim in it.

I really like swimming, coz it helps me relax down and slow down everything. Especially in the water, I can swim, but I'm not that fast a swimmer. Although I maybe slow in reaching the other end of the pool, I make it a point that I never gave up to reach the end. Being slow in the water also has this advantage of taking away any rush madness that is with me. With this mad society revolving fast around, sometimes I would just like to slow down a bit to catch a breather. That's why in the pool although slow I am, but it's my enjoyment of passing time away. Of course not to forget I also like to enjoy sun tanning a bit of my time away. Be it in the water or at the beach chair, the sun warm can bring about the dullness in you!

What a sunday that I have, and hopefully I can also maintain it as such again next week.

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