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Departure & Arrival

Thursday, January 20, 2005

This two days I was back in camp to serve some requirements...Was great to see the whole bunch of reservist group together from different batches. It feels like an early CNY reunion like that despite that it is just a 2 days event. However unfortunately, for some it was their last in camp for them as they will be posted out to other units. Feel sad to know of this news, especially when one of them is your course mate and served the 2 years NS with yourself. On the other hand, the frequent in camp and currency maintenance is a minus point to the normal working live. The new posting might be better off with a new start off and new environment.

Later in the night, was at another farewell dinner for my ex-colleague at BLUE. It was a different situation compared to the above one, more like a get-together for most of us who have worked before at BLUE and those who are still working there. No matter what, we would always wished him/her the best and try to get together for dinner/lunch.

It has been a rather migration hazzle this month, seeing people moving on with their life and career to a greener pasture. Hopefully the other side of the bank is a greenary pasture.

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