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A camping trip

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Wow, just realised that it has been a week more that I since post my last blog! Anyway, not quite been feeling to write anything for last week, except for this weekend camping at Ubin. Other than school camp and such, I haven't try out a leisure camping with friends before. The camping experience was wonderful, especially having a group of close friends together enjoying the fun out in the nite.

It was also a new learning experience for some of us. For me, the tent was not the tradditional type one, so I could say that it's a totally new tent pitching learning experience. For the gals, I guess the solid fuel and cooking out with mess tin was fun. Especially our maggie mee and the tasty hot Milo drink! Playing cards under the starless nite with torches and light stick was an exclusive leisure that we have, can't forget this one super long UNO game that we have and not to forget Blaff. :P

Morning awaken with the sounds of the hornbill bird, this bird was croaking away in the early morning like 4am plus...Prob. looking for his morning food keke... Our tent draw curiousity to a stick insect as it tries to take a peek at what's in the tent heehee...

All and all it's a wonderful camping trip and I always believed that the enjoyment hypes up best with a group of good friends. Wondering what will be the next trip and shall be looking forward to it!

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