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What is your greatest regret?

Friday, December 10, 2004

Before this week, I saw this interesting yet meaningful result of a survey. As the site was in Chinese, for the beneficial of non-chinese readers, I tried translating the article based on my poor English. Thankfully, Joselyn replied to the email that I send out to share the story and improved the translation to the below. For all to enjoy or rather food for thought. Original traditional chinese article is posted thereafter.


What is your greatest regret?

A Belgium magazine company conducted a nation wide survey with a group of elderly age over 60 on the topic - "What is your greatest regret?" Below are some of the results that appear in the top 10 greatest regrets that are easily erred.

Ranked Top: 75% of the participants who took the survey feels regret that they did not work hard enough during their younger days and as a result does not have a successful career.

"The fruit of success blossom what you have seeded". If you want to have things that others can't get it, you have to put in the extra effort that others did not put in. when you are young you still have the competitive edge and would put in the extra mile to work harder.

Ranked Second: 70% of the participants revealed that they regret that they have chosen the wrong career during when they were young.

There is nothing wrong with choosing the wrong career, but many would prefer a steadfast career. The ideal job mindset that the young had was to have "less working hours with higher wages and having a job close to home". However, they have forgotten that without stress there will not be with motivation and drive to succeed. Without the drive to succeed, the hidden potential will not be unleashed. The world does not lack of rewarding employers but filled with buried potentials that have chosen to tuck away their hidden talent.

Ranked Third: 62% of the participants regrets that they did not enforce adequate education to their children or used the wrong educational method.

Many parents did not regret and feel that their way of educating their children was correct and adequate. It was only after many years later, they realized that their method of educating the children was based on their individual way and experience and it does not benefit their children. Therefore, they regret that the method was inappropriate or seem to not provide adequate education for their children.

Ranked Fourth: With the 57% of the participants, they regret that they did not cherish their partner

It was only when you lose your missing piece that you realized how much you need it badly. The young couples got married to accompany each other till eternity. Realizing the missing piece in life does not allow you to undo the mistake.

Ranked Fifth: 49% of the participants regrets that they did not exercise enough or did not maintain a good state of health.

Before 60, many dream to change every part of their body. After 60, many wish to trade everything they have for a good health. The richest wealth that man can hope for is to have a good state of health.

Ranked Tenth: About 15% of the people regrets that they did not earn enough money.

To the young and middle age adult, this might seems wholesomely true. Being rich can guarantee a lot of stuffs, however, money is not the most important goal in life.

After thoughts
When you are young and have regrets, you still live the chance to correct the MISTAKES. Once you reach OLD AGE, life does not provide you with much opportunity to undo your regrets. Thus we should reflect upon ourselves to see the path that we have taken and ask ourselves conscientiously - "What is your greatest regret that you have done?"

Taken from the following post on Yahoo TW




凡事沒有不勞而獲,胡適說:”要怎麼收穫,先怎麼栽”。 你想得到別人得不到的,就得付出別人不願付出的。 尤其是在你還年輕,還有機會競爭的時候。

錯誤不在選擇了什麼職業而在於選擇了安穩。 現在年輕人的擇業觀念,要”錢多事少離家近”,








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