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Nightmare with Vendor

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My worst experience handling with vendor.

1) We ordered some IT equipments and specifically put on the agreement stating that the ownership belongs to the company!
2) Orders are a bit expensive however we were hoping their service are good, unfortunately it's disappointing.
3) During the golden week holiday, the vendor installed the IT equipments on the rack, and boxes were not found around. Since I am not around, due unable to get flight back and got a SF colleague who went into to take a look claim to say this.
4) Everything was installed nicely. However horror stories turn up to be that after verifying the serial numbers with the manufacturer (C****), the serial has been registered under different companies! Only 2 out of 6 items are new. One of which has started since Sept 06!
5) Called the vendor to get explanation, and his ridiculous reason was that this is one of the normal way of distribution channel in Mainland. If going by the normal way will take 6-8 weeks. Further to that under their law, the physical item belongs to the company however the license and soft copy etc doesn't belongs to the company (can't and don't believe it).
6) Oh please, the contract says ownership belongs to company which should includes the physical and registration. No argument about it. If things going by the proper channel requires 6-8 weeks please advise beforehand and not after.
7) Negotiation about the "unwanted" goods begins, we didn't want to accept this disqualified items. Everything has to be accounted for.
8) Vendor brought in the Silver partner of manufactorer, another round of stupid reasoning, but we buy that. We wanted to return them at no cost charged.
9) Vendor agreed to take them back, however since the damage was done, and normal way of ordering the new batch requires another 6-8 weeks, we agreed to rent them from vendor. Vendor conceded to agreement and that we have to find rental company to provide quote for him.
10) Rushed by vendor about the rental quote. Since equipment too new and that the rental companies doesn't carry them, alternative was selected and price quoted to vendor.
11) Vendor doesn't agreed as the items not the same and insisted that his items are new. Vendor claimed he found another client to buy and absorb this batch of goods, even if we are to rent it, it should be 20% of the total cost of the equipments. Ridiculous again!
12) Final and painful decision to cut off relationship. SF colleague got other rental company to install in temporary equipments, and this batch of disqualified equipments are returned to them. What a pain!
13) To add on to that, other items that are on the quotation and the delivered items are not as per spec. They claim it's out of stock and replaced one is better and quoted high price than market. Stupid us to agreed out of good will initially, but after point 10 above come out, I am regretful for that.
14) Even after the last settlement of the difference to pay off, this vendor still insistent that they are right. SIGH!

And so this are the lessons learned when dealing with such vendor. And this vendor does work with BIG MNC companies and is recommended by colleague in the company! So please evaluate your vendor properly.

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East and West Experience

2nd day to my trip to the other continent of the globe. Difference that I see are below:

In this town in LA city, the descriptions are:
a) People are friendly, they smile to you, even the traffic warden who is an ethnic black!
b) Cars don't horn on the road unless you cause hazard to them. BTW, they give way to you if you jay walk, probably scared that you get them into accident
c) People do queue! I was getting my lunch at subway, and slip out of the queue to see what's in the menu, and wanted to rejoin into the queue but this nice lady ask me to go back to be in front of her in the queue. Isn't this sweet!

On on this other working city that I am in the Oriental, the descriptions are:
a) People talk like they are rushing for something or they are quarreling...loud, rowdy...
b) Car horn at the smallest issue on the road. It's a headache!
c) People don't know what's the concept of queue when there are lines, and instructions. They find the slightest opportunities to cut into your queue with the leeway.

See the difference, I wonder if the people will grow up to the nice culture that the friendly town in LA has. Coz people are going to look and scrutinize them in time to come.

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