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The masterplan

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Reading saffyz's comment - "The man up there must have better plan for this friends of yours"...

This makes me really wonder not once, but many many times what kinda of plan does the man above has for each and everyone of us. Each day we wake up, go to work, slog off at the office and come back home rest sleep and the next day continues the same way repetitively again. Does anyone question if this is going to be the kinda of life to go on for the rest of their life? For me I do really question, is it going to be like this? If not, how do I get out of this loop? Can I get out of this cycle? But how?

Probably some reader here must be thinking that I questioned too much, why bother cracking this tough question. For me I want to know if there is something planned out for me if possible. Fortune reading, forecasting, prediction seems like a way but none of this definitely bring you to the solution. Here it came upon me that there are two factors shaping the poor human soul.

Factor one: The ONE above, he who has the whole master plan.
Factor two: For those who don't believed in the ONE above, I would say the society.

Easily the ONE above is easily associated with the god of your religion of your choice. Because it is your belief, you believed that the god has a mission/destiny for you to fulfill.

As for factor two, why do I say so is because everyday we seems like working for the society. We tolled to get a sum of salary to feed our living. However, we can't have any or little influence on this society for any matter that is imposed on us. The big decision is made by the higher authorities and we obey or at most complaint to ourself.

This sounds very complicated, and indeed for factor two the realm of implications is far more complicated that can involves a lot of matter. For that matter, I think it maybe traced back to how our mankind society started off to work that has this flaw. It's easy to point out errors but hard to correct, so with my extremely small knowledgee I also don't know how to correct.

Can somebody provides me some ways to enlightment?

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Condolence dedication.

Friday, November 11, 2005

This entry shall dedicate a condolence to a volunteer police who passed away in his voluntary course of duty. Many might have read from the news about a volunteer policeman who got hit by a lorry on his duty and his wife was also hurt.

Why do I write this? The simple reason coz I know Ben Hur as he was a good friendly ex-colleague from my camp. He was working for ST Aerospace, supporting our unit for logistic stuffs. Working under the same roof his office is just next to us. At work, he will be striving for professionalism, and always friendly to everyone. Easy going positive guy, at that time we already know he's a volunteer policeman, esp with a traffic police. Everytime he sees me he always give warm greeting first and ask how's life. Now with that accident there be one lesser person that I know when I go back for in camp training.

At first when I read the news article, I saw the photo bearing very similiar traits of somebody that I know of. Reading it further, the description of the man who work for Air Force and after service get to work for a company along the same trade. What coincide more is working as a voluntunary policeman. BTW, my newspaper are in Chinese as my parent can't read English and I been reading all these years Chinese newspaper. Initially I thought maybe it's somebody else with the same traits and feature. Until last nite I ask cancerian to help me check the name, it then confirmed my suspicion was right all along.

My sympathy goes to him and his family as they be missing a great man.

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